EDITAMATERIA works on the relationship between creativity and the culture of know-how, and begins its journey by giving voice to matter, understood as the foundation of all things but also the “mater” from which we all come, from which we have learned to see from our center in the Mediterranean the rest of the world, to whom we turn to tell and listen to the stories of “MADE IN”, nurturing curiosity and research through continuous exchanges and comparisons.

Editamateria_Tells a story

A constant desire to improve, giving life to unique objects, imperfect in their uniqueness but capable of transmitting through the tale of the matter and of the hands of those who created the virtue of who designed and manufactured them and who mixed the technology and craftsmanship leaving just a glimpse of the border where one clearly connects to the other.

Editamateria_Made in Italy

We take as our starting point the Made in Italy, analyzed through creativity and craftsmanship of our territory. Editamateria stems from the interaction and collaboration of the Italian designers and the skills of the excellence in artisanship where together designers and craftsmen shape their insights.


We work as a talent scouter and a creative agency to discover and promote the work of designers, artists and craftsmen, and as an agency to promote the MADE IN, to prototype, to create and to edit new collections to be offered to public and private clients. We want to weave nets and cross connections into the world of design, art and business.


New collections in limited edition or in small series are created as the expression of the Italian style and "savoir vivre". To develop, to accomplish, to design projects and limited edition collections, tailor-made to the needs of individual customers looking for unique projects, designed and created especially for them, where excellence is mixed with research and with passion.

Editamateria_ Work in process

Our goal is to edit, distribute and select "Italian material", materials, design and the excellence in craftsmanship; a research that began with wood, glass and  ceramics analyzed through their production process, the designers' thinking and the skilled hands of craftsmen.

Editamateria_ Networking

We believe in weaving networks that allow comparisons, insights and reflection influencing the different actors each involved in his own way in the design planning, in the prototyping process, in the development and during the distribution of the final design object. A network to establish synergies between niches in craftmanship, designers and production processes in order to create new possibilities.