magical collection

Hand-made ceramics collection in which every detail is the result of a wise hand process handed down from ancient traditions. 
Classic shapes become live borders where wild nature invades and contaminates the material, finding free space to blossom and grow by crystallizing in a magic forest made of insects, blades of grass and flowers. 
Small sculptures in which the nature invades the forms, avoiding the pictorial intervention to revive the forms in which the harmony and the beauty of nature become the sole protagonists, embellishing the collection with details that lead us through an imagery forest like in a fairy tale. 
The realization of the lawn and flowers is entirely hand made by a local lady, who still maintains this tradition, meticulously reproducing floral forms that have always decorated ceramics made in Nove. The workmanship is very old and peculiar and operates through modeling by hand every single flower that is then fixed in its raw form to each grass blade these too entirely hand made one by one. A mastery in this ancient tradition from Nove, where she has and still plays a major role.   

Hand-made ceramic white clay with enamel finishing, white transparent glossy

Tureen 48x23xh28 cm
Pitcher 23x14xh32 cm
Candlestick 15x13xh52 cm
Candlestick small 25x14xh26 cm