Laguna Collection

The lagoon, a coastal basin touched by the sea on a strip of land, is subject to the Flow of the tide of the tides and, consequently, to their constant mutability. The Latin etymon "lacuna" (empty space) evokes a place, which contains a delicate and mutable balance. The project Laguna starts here: from the relationship between content and container, boundary and limit. These borosilicate glass objects are made of colorful and overlapping transparent layers, which enclose an empty space, a cavity containing colored liquid. Their interior can, therefore, host a liquid content that, liaising with both the glass wall and the fluid interspace, composes delicate traces of light and color.

Borosilicate glass blown with the "lume " tecnique, liquid distilled water and powder dyes

Dimensions pitcher 8x24cm, glass 7x12cm

Available in green, orange and blue glass