Légère Collection

Bookcase to be freestanding or wall-mounted, modular, variable and integrable. The lightness of the structure is the outstanding feature of this library made with heavy materials: old wood floors finished in burnished iron that tell a story for every crack of the wood, for every spot of rust; interspersed by metal mirrors that disappear in the reflections of the distorted forms of what is around.

Square table with central insertion in gray wood realized with black iron and stainless steel with double function: lamp and motorized tray. The central leg in stainless steel mirror keeps the light structure characteristic of the Légère collection as if the table was floating in empty space: the mirror plates disappear in the bent reflections of the surrounding distorted.


Old wood alder, black iron, steel mirror

Bookcase 450x1350x1000 cm, Table 1300x1300x750 cm