A Baroque basin initializes a stylistic metamorphosis of shape and of its time. New interventions arise, dissapear and invade the traditional and eternal form. The functionality looses its relevenace or is distorted, becoming the reflection of contemporary time. The execution technique is based on the research and the use of existing molds from different times, styles and functions.

The works are an assemblage of diverse parts of forms, obtained by the casting of existing molds from different manufactures.

The “metamorfosi della tradizione” is the purpose and the meaning of this work project by Pol Polloniato that Editamateria has made its own.

Throughout it we have edited a small extremely poetic collection of objects through which we would like to revive poems of places, traditions and cultures analyzed trought the rediscovery of ancient molds.These are preserved and kept as an archive and memory of ancient knowledge, the result of traditions linked to places and to a craftsmanship excellency in which history bonding with the presence generates new contemporary scenarious.

white clay with enamel finishing, white opaque or transparent glossy handling and contamination include different shapes created by raw molds from Nove's historical tradition.

Dimensions 32x20x25 cm