Andrea Bouquet

From the window of the house you can see the woods and the meadows. Nature. Cats dogs chickens bees and a few sheep on the hill quietly move in the open space ... and then wood, lots of stacked wood, boards, logs, recycled material, but also irons and plates. Welcome to the world of Andrea Bouquet, and so into his works. Wood is his work, his life. Deeply rooted in the rural and Alpine tradition where everything has dignity and countless lives, his attention comes naturally to recycling and to the reuse of materials with respect of the environment. Tradition and constant research are combined to create contemporary works that emerge from conformity and from the standardization of serial productions creating exclusive and unique furniture. Bouquet Andrea lives in Villar Perosa in the province of Turin. He graduated in 1996 from the Art Institute of Saluzzo, and immediately attended several art workshops rooted in Piedmont where he began focusing his interest in wood and marble. Wood soon became his passion, his work, his world. In 2011 he attended the event Il futuro nelle mani-Artieri domani edited by Enzo Biffi Gentili and MIAAO, Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin. In 2014 his latest project Bouisoun was presented by Editamateria at “The circle of design”, during Operae 2014 in Tuirin.